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Valparaiso Behind the Scenes

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We received a lot of positive comments and questions about Valparaiso and our trip in Chile. We were so excited to share our experience with you guys that we decided to sum everything up in a super short video! Hope you will enjoy the views and the behind the scenes of our photo shoot among…

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Valparaiso – A red spot in multicolor

Hello again from Chile! What a fascinating place it it. We are still dreaming about it even now that we are back in the States! Valparaiso is where we left our hearts and we really want to share with you the beauty of its colors. Take a look at the photo shoot we too with…

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Valparaiso – Graffiti land

Of all the places we’ve been to in the past months, Valparaiso tops all of them on colors and atmosphere. Definitely a unique pittoresque town, full of story and of street art creativity. We couldn’t literally getting enough of this little jewel of the chilean coast. No wonder Pablo Neruda himself decided to have two…

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