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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.

Marigold&Roses in Cancun

I know it’s been a while since I got back from our trip in Cancun, but times have been a little rough lately and I finally found some time to describe the beauty of our magic trip in Mexico… and you know how they say: second time it’s a charm. Well, for me it could have…

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China is a fascinating country. Whenever we think about it, most probably we are surrounded by thousands of stereotypes that not always give justice to what this country in reality is. Indeed, China has a long history and its culture has roots long back in time. The food is not all about spring rolls and rice,…

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A real Gemma in Pescara

What’s better than a casual stroll in Pescara to relax, enjoy the sun and make some cool shoots with the new Envelope Bags. Thank you to the beauty of our model and her elegance we had loads of fun and we captured the essence of this bag: soft colours, class and style.…

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What happens when a talented rising fashion blogger meets a rising fashion brand’s designer? You spend a nice day talking about your experience, discover loads of things you have in common and you shoot some nice pictures to remember the good time spent together. This is what happened last Wednesday when Ramona, the writer of…

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Venice Beach is one of the extraordinary places in SoCal and we had amazing time to shoot these pictures. Colors, comfy outfit, alternative and unique style of the surrounding people and places, Venice Beach is definitely a small independent island in LA. If you happen to be there take a stroll on the boulevard along…

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Valparaiso Behind the Scenes

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We received a lot of positive comments and questions about Valparaiso and our trip in Chile. We were so excited to share our experience with you guys that we decided to sum everything up in a super short video! Hope you will enjoy the views and the behind the scenes of our photo shoot among…

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