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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.

The making of jewel handbags from Italy to California

The mission 

The mission of Marigold&Roses’ handbags is to share the love for sophisticated and refined fashion clutches and accessories made in Italy.  Our bags are born from the perfect chemistry created by the selection of the best leather and plexiglass quality combined with the passion and experience of talented Italian craftsmen and women.

Our products are more than handbags, they are jewels to carry with you. We want ladies, no matter their age, to know they are wearing something unique: a symbol of independence but also of great femininity. Marigold&Roses clutches are made with love, care and attention to the smallest detail.

About Us

Alessandra Catena, designer of Marigold&Roses handbags

Alessandra – Designer Marigold&Roses

Alessandra has been developing products for other industries for years. Now is her time to incur entrepreneurship into her biggest passion: fashion. Following her father’s industrial engineering guide and experience ever since she was a teenager, she began digging deep into the product development processes and techniques, exploring new materials and the latest production technologies. Now she runs her own product line working with a great team of craftsmen, designers and web engineers in Italy and the USA.

Marigold&Roses comes from Alessandra’s mum passion for flowers. She’s a biologist and Alessandra grew up with her lessons on botanics ever since she was a kid. She chose the Marigold&Roses name as a tribute to her mum because she’s been supporting her ideas and dreams since the very beginning. The marigolds and the roses represents the essence of the feminine silky touch, the elegance and the class that makes them so special.

California Style

Our HQs and e-commerce website is proudly based in California. Los Angeles is a fashion hub for new trends and curators, way more receptive to new products and slowly taking over well known cities like NY, Paris, Milan and London. Always sunny, cool people, California is the gateway to innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and fashion. We believe in the American dream, now we finally have the chance to do what we love by bringing the craftsmanship of our handbags from Italy to your closet.

Free Shipping

Because we believe in a world without boundaries, all our products ship worldwide with free shipping! Learn more here.

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