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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.

Tag your Marigold&Roses outfit!

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Are you all dressed up wearing a M&R’s bag for a special night out? Are you wearing it for a casual shopping day with your best friend? Or, maybe, you would simply like to show off how good you look with your latest outfit of a pro fashionista?

Wear your Marigold&Roses handbag and take a picture on Instagram using the hashtag #name of the bag + bag (ex. #butterfly88bag) ! As soon as your photo will be published on Instagram it will appear directly on the product page of our website!

The best outfit will have a dedicated exclusive monthly post on our Lookbook page!

#aurorinabag, #butterfly88bag, #bluecrowebag, #hackberrybag, #blackswallowbag, #scarletpbag, #nobleleafbag, #whiteglittybag, #pinkglittybag, #purpleglittybag

Everyone would be able to see you and get inspired by your style! Just try and have some fun!

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