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Bring out your attitude!

Self esteem is one of the most important qualities a girl should praise and no one in the world has any right to hurt it. Truth is, we do are fabulous and unique also with our defects! This bag is a reminder for all the haters and everyone that even remotely dares to think of judging us. Metallic blue tones contrasting a strong bloody red inner side. One of the cult pieces of our latest Rebel collection, this bag will shuts all the haters down: B**tch I am Fabulous.  Made in Italy.

Outer part made of highly refined blue metallic eco-coconut skin that perfectly matches the red inner eco-leather. Jeans, blue and red dresses, beige sweaters, maxi pulls, crop name it: this is the most iconic and easy to match bag we could create! Wear it with style, your style!

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  • Laser cut coconut effect eco-leather
  • Gold-tone engraved botton 
  • Zipped internal pocket
  • Do not wash.

Bag Dimensions:

22cm x 17cm x 4 cm  or 8.66 inch x 6.69 inch x 1.57 inch