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Hello everyone! Sun is up, flowers are blooming and our mood is getting everyday better and better; this can only mean one thing: spring is on! I am finally back from the Milan fashion week which was as intense as they describe it. Despite the stress of rushing from one catwalk to another and visiting showrooms, it…

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Leopard dresses or accessories are not always an easy match while they are undoubtedly an eye catching outfit. This is why we have to be very sure and confident when we decide to wear them. Indeed, falling in the trap of appearing excessively aggressive is a risk right around the corner but, lucky us, with…

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Blue Yellow Submarine

This week we found ourselves magnetized by the lime color. It was quite a challenge since it’s not an easy color to deal with when talking about outfit. Eventually we made it and we found the outcome so so perfect! Look how amazing it looks with the aztec inspired patterned skirt together with the white t-shirt…

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Ice Queen

Elsa from Frozen would definitely envy this outfit! So elegant and classy you  definitely rule the season with one of these glamorous coats. Choose in between the grey furry short one or the long white to warm your legs. Keep it simple and minimal with grey ankle boots and matching color of double sided earrings with…

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Winter in Flower

We woke up this morning in a very spring mood and decided to try this flowerish outfit. We simply fell in love with this skirt and white crop top! What fits better with this outfit than the blue crowe bag and a nice matching pair of electric blue high heels!? Cherry on top? A colorful…

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Jumpsuit at the marine

What’s better than a nice relaxing sunny week end at the marine in Coronado? We decided to play posh and wear a long black jumsuit with the blue crowe bag for a daily stroll close to the ocean. The black leather simply matched perfectly with the outfit while the blue plexi kept the total look less…

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