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Graduation Day Outfit: 2 outfit inspirations for your special day

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My oh my, four years have already passed by from my graduation day...yet, it feels like yesterday and I can’t help myself to think that it was one of the most beautiful days of my life! So many emotions going on: the tension before the dissertation of the thesis, the joy of having all my folks finally gathered together in Milan to support my achievement, the craziness of the party to celebrate. I would live that day over and over again if I could. I bet many of you are about to experience what I’ve just describedduring these days and we all know, as girls, how important it is to feel glamorous and beautiful for such a special event.

What can you wear under your graduation rope? Check out these 2 outfits that I cerated and let me know if you found them inspiring enough for your special day.

Graduation outfit inspiration n.1: jeans

Jeans and red combo: perfect to impress

Red is the perfect color for graduating. Here in Italy it’s a sort of tradition to always wear something red that symbolizes that you are graduating. Men uses ties, ladies wear red high heels of course! I love the contrast in between jeans and red color. If you are blond this is a killer combo to make you look incredibly posh and sexy. Chockers are the new hype and I couldn’t help myself from using one for the occasion. Accessories are always the key to make your outfit shine. Dare with a bag like the B**tch I’m fabulous and show your confidence to the world!

Graduation outfit inspiration n. 2

Pastel pink and soft colors for the second graduation outfit

Pink pink pink, pastel pink can never go wrong. Sweet and classy, this is the perfect look to appear posh and elegant for your day. Crop top, leather jacket and wide legs pants: simply the look that every mum or professor would love. I believe too much sweetness might have been too much, so why not showing off some boldness with the Mean Girl bag?:)

Let me know if you liked my inspiration outfits and write to me if you are looking for some advice. I will be more than happy to suggest you some great combos!


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