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Living the Mexican Dream: Playa del Carmen Carlota La Loca beachwear

Hello my friends!!

I am just back from one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen: Mexico. David and I decided to visit some friends of ours just to spend 5 days off from our routine and Cancun looked just as the best destination for this warm period. Nothing beats some tan and relax. However, I honestly wasn’t prepared to discover such a wild and beautiful landscape. It was my first time to Mexico but I definitely left my heart and my eyes there. The colors of the sea were unreal, a turquoise that I thought existed only with Instagram filters; iguanas and maya ruins on top of Tulum cliff and the traditional competition among charros with their elegant horses: 5 days of intense emotions and colourful memories. Needless to say that I loved also the Mexican food and the natural typical dishes they have to offer…mmmm those mariscos! :) Everything was simply perfect. I am already looking for an excuse to take the first plane and get back there to loose myself in one of those beautiful beaches.

Looking at the sunset Carlota La Loca Beachwear and Marigold&Roses

Getting lost at the beauty of the sunset – Carlota La Loca Beachwear and Marigold&Roses

Speaking of beaches, during my little journey I had the chance to meet Erandi, a local beachwear designer of the emerging brand Carlota La Loca.  Of course no clothing line would have fitted better than hers for a shooting on the beach. Erandi is an extremely talented stylist and designer, she works very hard everyday chasing her passion and her dreams and I really found a perfect business partner with her!

Here you will find some of the pictures we took at the sunset in Playa del Carmen. Take a look at them, enjoy and write to me if you are planning to go on a trip to Mexico, I have a couple of tips for your stay and your visit that can be quite helpful.

Smiling at the sun - Carlota la Loca + Marigold&Roses

Smiling at the sun – Carlota la Loca + Marigold&Roses

Going to feel the water, Marigold&Roses and Carlota La Loca outfit

The multi wearable dress by Carlota La Loca and Venice Bag by Marigold&Roses

running on the beach Carlota La loca beachwear and Marigold&Roses's bags

Erandi and I with Carlota la Loca Beachwear and Marigold&Roses’s bags


Relaxing and enjoying the moment

Relaxing and enjoying the moment

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