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Pool Colors and Haute couture

Hot hot hot weather is finally here and I can start smelling the sweet air of vacations everywhere. While in Paris the haute couture is leaving everyone speechless, why can’t we bring our style on the beach runaway?

I chose to create a yellow power outfit. Energy everywhere with the shirt yellow dress that perfectly defines your waist line. Best match with the turquoise and pink bikini and the very well renowned espadrilles. Ideal outfit for a glamorous day at the seaside on the sea boulevard with an happy hour with friends. We can already feel the summer breeze going through our hair.

Match this outfit with the Rome bag and you would simply look perfect! Write to me if you have any questions or need style advice! Share this post with your friends and prepare to rock this summer!

Front and back view Rome bag

Front and back side Rome bag

Rome bag yellow and pastel blue

The Rome bag has the perfect colors for the summer days and nights



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