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What happens when a talented rising fashion blogger meets a rising fashion brand’s designer? You spend a nice day talking about your experience, discover loads of things you have in common and you shoot some nice pictures to remember the good time spent together. This is what happened last Wednesday when Ramona, the writer of the blog Don’t be shy, Shine came to Pescara to visit me and the Marigold&Roses‘s world.

The fashion month has started and all the lights are on the New York Fashion week right now, but while I wait for the Milan fashion week to arrive, I took some time to explore our city, plan the production of new models and have some meetings for our bags. This is why Ramona and I found some time among our crazy schedules to meet and have a walk in my beautiful city, Pescara. I had the luck to meet Ramona during my stay in California and I was really looking forward to seeing her in person since she impressed me with her attitude and strong entrepreneurial spirit. It was a big pleasure for me to discover such a good talented girl and had the chance to spend some time with her, sharing ideas, useful advice and brain storm a little on our product strategy. I really found a good friend and somebody with whom sharing some quality time with.

Ramona was born and raised with fashion in her veins thanks to her father’s passion for handcrafted sandals made in Italy. She definitely inherited his taste and love for beautiful things and she has big dreams in her closet. Ramona is a real cool hunter so, if you are curious to know more about her latest fashion discovery and brands, go on her blog-zine and find out more. I wish her all the best and I am sure that our collaborations are just at the very beginning:).

Scroll down to see all the pictures we took while strolling around in Pescara (Italy) and find out her look and style of the day. For this occasion she was wearing the special edition golden glitty bag that we are about to launch soon on Marigold&Roses. Don’t forget to write to me and send me your feedback, I am always very happy to reply to all of you!

Don't be shy, shine! Ramona was in Pescara last Wednesday to come visit us.

Ramona and the Gold Glitty butterfly bag


Gold Glitty bag and Ramona fashion blogger of Don't be shy, shine

Ramona from the blog Don’t be Shy, Shine and the Gold Glitty bag in Pescara

Close up to the lucky Butterfly bracelet charm

Gold Glitty Butterfly bag and close up of the lucky Butterfly bracelet

Ramona and the Gold Glitty Butterfly bag special edition in Pescara

Piazza Salotto in Pescara, Ramona and the Gold Glitty Butterfly bag special edition

Details of the lamps in Pescara

Pescara Details

Piazza Salotto sunset in Pescara and the Gold Glitty Butterfly bag

Ramona wearing a beige and light blue cape with the Gold Glitty Butterfly bag

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