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One day to San Valentine and you still haven’t made up your mind on what to wear? Don’t worry, no need to panic, inhale and exhale deeply, I am here to help and give you some last second inspiration.

I thought to play a little with prints and create an outfit that would spread the love everywhere, starting from the dress. I chose a heart printed skater bordeaux dress with white hearts that would make you look like a real doll. “Kill him with sweetness”, this should be your motto. In order to add a bit of class to the look, I decided to add a thin golden belt matching with a cream pair of high heels that I fell in love with. Did you notice the kitty shape that the tip? Couldn’t they be any more perfect? I seriously doubt that.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the details, they will make the difference and make you appear unforgettable. This is why I decided to play low and stick with the basic gold choice and look for golden rings and bracelets (hoping to add on one or two more by the end of the night ;)) and a tortoise plexi bag from Marigold&Roses that you can see closer by clicking on this link.

I am pretty sure this idea will make you immediately open your wardrobe to check out what you can use to recreate this look. Match everything with a soft dolly make up and wavy hairstyle. Don’t stress too much on your eyes and go for a bordeaux matt lipstick. After all what best occasion than San Valentine to give lots of kisses to our love.

Write to us and tell me what you think about this outfit.


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