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Kendall Jenner, one of the most ascending promises in the fashion world, scored another stunning outfit for the amfAR occasion the other night. However I believe I found out the missing piece that would have made her look even more perfect.

Long red gown with tight high-split is the choice that brings out the top-model attitude and incredible body of the most high fashionable of the Kardashian’s. I loved how classy and elegant she looked, especially the hairstyle and make up.  A real top model, no wonder why she is so demanded among the most famous fashion brands.

However, while I was looking at her outfit, the match in between the red matt dress together with the golden glittered high heels, I couldn’t help noticing an incredible similarity with one of the Marigold&Roses handbags. I shouldn’t actually disclose the picture but I decided that it was worth it to give a sneak peak of what it would look like (scroll down to see the pictures).

Kendall Jenners red long dress with gold glittered details

Kendall Jenner’s outfit for at the amfAR

Don’t you agree with me that this is the missing piece of Kendall’s look the other night? Write to us and tell me what you think about the look and our new bag, I will be very happy to receive your ideas!

The new Marigold&Roses bag for Kendall Jenner's outfit

The missing piece to make Kendall Jenner even more stunning.

Gold Glitty Bag - special edition

Special Edition – Gold glitty bag by Marigold&Roses


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