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Have you taken a close look up at the red carpet looks for this Grammy awards 2015 edition? I chose for you the top 3 original handbags worn during this fabulous annual event that took place yesterday night in Los Angeles.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift left us without words with their outfits at the Grammy red carpet 2015, no one was missing this year.  Of course, many celebrities didn’t loose time to show off and dare a little too much with their looks, but we all know this is the beauty of these exclusive events.

I decided to select the top 3 choices of evening clutches used during the red carpet night.

1. Kelly Osbourne, fish clutch: I had to observe the picture 3 times before realizing that she actually had a fish shaped handbag. I loved it! Completely matching Kelly personality and definitely and original choice given the black and white pois long dress. First place well deserved and gained.

kelly osbourne fish shaped clutch choice for the grammy 2015

Kelly Osbourne – Black and silver fish shaped clutch for the Grammy 2015

picture source: radar online

2. Miranda Lambert: Chic and classy with a long black dress, breaking the schemes with a clever touch of pink color on her cleavage and a smart choice of the accessories. Her clutch deserves this second place: original, simply but yet colorful and able to make her outfit and explosion of rainbow star energy.

rainbow color clutch with star details

Miranda Lambert – Colorful star evening clutch – Grammy 2015

3. Joy Villa: For sure one of the boldest and eccentric, unique and original outfit of the event. We are in love with her clutch choice, minimal, geometrical and sober: the perfect match with such an eye catching look. This total look had to have the third place!

Joy Villa - Evening purple clutch - Grammy 2015

Joy Villa daring outfit and clutch detail – Grammy 2015

Do you agree with our choice? Would you have chosen some other celebrity’s bag? Let us have your feedback or comments. Share this article with your friends on facebook if you found it useful!


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