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Oscars 2015 night: the 4 best (but not amazing) and the 4 worst (really worst) dressed

Oscars 2015 celebrated the best performers of all time. However, fashion wise not all of the actors made the right choice for the occasion. Who nailed the look and who, instead, tried (maybe) too hard to succeed, but ended up with tragic fail? There were many guests at the event but I tried to keep…

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What happens when a talented rising fashion blogger meets a rising fashion brand’s designer? You spend a nice day talking about your experience, discover loads of things you have in common and you shoot some nice pictures to remember the good time spent together. This is what happened last Wednesday when Ramona, the writer of…

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Kendall Jenner, one of the most ascending promises in the fashion world, scored another stunning outfit for the amfAR occasion the other night. However I believe I found out the missing piece that would have made her look even more perfect. Long red gown with tight high-split is the choice that brings out the top-model attitude and…

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Hearts hearts hearts everywhere, February is here and love is in the air! As every year we are getting close to the nights of all lovers and we want to make it special for you by celebrating it with this beautiful inspiration outfit. Have you already planned your exclusive san valentine date night? Is your…

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