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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.


Leopard dresses or accessories are not always an easy match while they are undoubtedly an eye catching outfit. This is why we have to be very sure and confident when we decide to wear them. Indeed, falling in the trap of appearing excessively aggressive is a risk right around the corner but, lucky us, with some small attentions we can turn this threat into an elegant and seductive weapon.

What’s better than a red touch to make everything more colorful and classy? Here’s how we decided to create our match for the week: leopard print dress with long sleeves and tight waist, pairing with red belt and high heels decollettes. Isn’t it amazing?! We are in love with this outfit. Few and minimal golden accessories, an elegant watch and an a Butterfly bag as a cherry on top. Les jeux sont faits!

This is the perfect look for a date at a restaurant or for a cocktail evening with friends. Mixing and playing with the  leopard print brings out your classy personality and good taste out right on the market. Try it yourself and show us your style!


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