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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.

How to support our Kickstarter project

Hi guys!

Thank you so much for all your support and help you have been giving to us so far. We really appreciate that.

In the past days many of you asked us about how Kickstarter works and how it is possible to support our project: it’s very quick and easy! Kickstarter works together with Amazon Payments in order to collect the money and you be charged ONLY and ONLY IF our project gets to our goal of $9,500.

Supporting the Butterfly Bags is easy and it doesn’t require big investments. Indeed starting from $2 you can help us to get closer to our target!  You can decide to back us by choosing among the pledges we have (the Butterfly bags, the bracelets, the calendar or aa simple thank you on twitter for $2 pledge) or though a simple donation without reward.

Everything can help us and make the difference!

Look up at the video tutorial we made!

Thank you all!



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