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All our bags are designed and handmade in Italy.

Blue Yellow Submarine

This week we found ourselves magnetized by the lime color. It was quite a challenge since it’s not an easy color to deal with when talking about outfit. Eventually we made it and we found the outcome so so perfect! Look how amazing it looks with the aztec inspired patterned skirt together with the white t-shirt on top! The electric blue create a powerful harmonic contrast that we can’t simply get enough of it. This is why we chose the Blue Crowe bag as clutch. Don’t you find the quilt pattern on the plexiglass is the cherry on top?!

Look how lovely are the accessories: these high heels are so refined and match perfectly with the whole look. We decided to play minimal with the bangle and the phone case together with the sunglasses: everything is in the right place for a nice dinner, date or office Christmas party!


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